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Whether you are looking to enhance your own health and wellbeing or reduce the stress levels in your organization, Mindfully offers you resources to help you get started.




More than ever, people are talking about mindfulness. But what is it, really?

Mindfulness means being more aware of your experience as it happens, moment by moment, with an attitude of openness and friendliness. Over the last 30 years, academic research has explored the wide-ranging benefits of developing this awareness, finding evidence that it can generally improve our physical and emotional well being, improve our relationships and reduce stress.

Mindfulness is not fluffy nonsense or wishy-washy spirituality, nor is it a trend of the moment. But it does take effort and practice to develop and maintain mindfulness skills.


how to find calm amongst the chaos


You’ll see lots of things with the word “mindful” attached, but not all mindfulness courses are the same. Mindfully offers a range of science-backed courses and experiences aimed at developing tools and learning practices to live more mindfully. Courses come in different shapes and forms, but are all designed develop this natural capacity of awareness that allows us to relate to modern life challenges differently, be more balanced and centred, and find calm amongst the chaos.


This is Me


Mindfully is the training practice of Clara Rivera, a modern day teacher and facilitator of science-backed mindfulness, and long-time meditator. Having experienced the benefits of mindfulness personally, I decided to make my mission to share it with as many people as possible.


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