Mindfully is the training practice of Clara Rivera, a modern day teacher and facilitator of science-backed mindfulness. My own journey of mindfulness started over a decade ago, and the transformational effects I experienced shaped my mission to share mindfulness and meditation with as many people as possible, and to help them live mindfully with health, purpose and joy.


Mindfulness & Meditation Teacher

I teach science-backed meditation and mindfulness to further develop the natural quality we all have to live mindfully, with deeper self awareness and enhanced well-being. I qualified to teach at a Master’s Degree in Mindfulness Based Interventions, at Bangor University. That is why reliable research on meditation informs my teaching and is essential to me.

I am also listed on the UK Network of Mindfulness Teachers, which includes instructors who have been assessed as demonstrated to meet the Good Practice Guidelines by having completed suitably training, committed to continuous professional development, holding appropriate insurance, and receiving supervision for their teaching.

I started teaching after a long, successful career as entrepreneur and executive in the tech world, so I know perfectly well the effects that a hectic workplace environment, tight deadlines and endless meetings, combined with a family and domestic responsibilities, can have in out health.  

But I also know that you can blossom where you are planted.



  • The course was the perfect mix of educational and practical. It was carefully constructed to allow plenty of time for exploration of mindfulness and any questions we might have. Overall, Clara was patient and caring with our practices. I felt a sense of lightness every time I finished a session.
    — Fiona, Content Strategist, Bristol
  • Clara has a gentle approach, incredible insight and really took the time to personally engage with each of us as if we were the only person in the room. I feel privileged to have been taught by her.
    — Nishanthi, Senior Project Manager, London
  • Clara’s patience and attentiveness to her students make her a wonderful teacher. She is incredibly knowledgeable in the subject of mindfulness, but more importantly knows how to empower her students get the best out of it.
    — Raisa, Engineer, London
  • Clara is a fantastic instructor and teacher. She brings mindfulness to life with great examples and exercises. I couldn’t recommend her highly enough, I learned so much more from her.
    — Roman, Strategy Associate, London



I’ve always found myself at peace in nature. There is something primitive, old, that brings me calm, rest and peace when I’m in the wild. And I am not alone. In fact, there is research that shows that connection to nature is associated with feelings of awe, vitality, purpose in life, and positive emotions. And those that took part in the mentioned study also showed high moment-to-moment awareness.

While I love nature and try to be in it as often as possible, I live and work in the city, where we do our best to thrive in the chaotic realities of our modern society. That’s why I very much relate to cacti and succulent plants, that withstand the most hostile and unforgiving environments. Both are searching for the things that allow them to sprout, ease the struggle and guide them through.

I see mindfulness be to us what water and sun are to cacti, giving them the tools to grow a resilient skin and skills of survival, that will allow them not only to be, but to flourish and thrive. So when I need calm amongst the chaos, I sit. And I #sitlikeacactus.

Cactus | US ALL 

Just like the cactus or succulent family we all come in different shapes, sizes and background. 

Desert | MODERN Life

Stressful jobs, no work life balance, chaotic lifestyles and the constantly ‘switched on’ society.

Sun AND WATER | Mindfulness

Everyone may be different but Mindfulness is a resource for everyone. 

Growth | Practice

Growth comes from the practice, harnessing the skills learned and incorporating them into your everyday life.